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Websites,App and online Shopping latest coupons, deals and offers

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Websites,App and online Shopping latest coupons, deals and offers

The mobile device is increasingly becoming an necessary part of the customer’s shopping journey. Two three years back , we look forward towards desktop and laptop to make our online shoppings. Now the scenario has been changed. Mobile has brought the great changes.

Modern-day retailers have to make their goods available through websites and mobile applications to  run efficient e-commerce operations alongside – or instead of – bricks and mortar stores, deliver goods to the consumer’s front door and be prepared to manage a backlash on social media if things are not in order.

Consumers are becoming more demanding and are not willing to tolerate failure. They want a seamless shopping . They check out a store’s products on their mobile on the way during back from work, then wish to continue on the same page on their tablet or PC at home. That requires considerable technical prowess to manage the customer journey on different devices.

Retailers are looking for ways to satisfy these  shoppers. They struggle ensure they deliver high levels of customer service however their customers interact with them.

 Big Brands also facing the problems in handling Twitter storm or viral criticism of its policies or customer service. Competition going tough with big online sites  like amazon, Flipkart, Tata cliq, Myntra bringing sales and keeping the margin down. A lot of deals, coupon and offers are being offered by these websites.




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