Payback bazaar - Offers and Coupons

Offer -1
Get Rs.50 off on your Mobile/DTH/Data card recharge, valid above a minimum recharge of rs.100, valid only for 1st 100 users. Use this promo code fast. "PB-mr5ajkupa6849S"
Offer-2 Get Rs.30 off on your Mobile/ DTH / Data card recharge, valid above a minimum recharge of rs.150, valid only for 2nd 100 users Copy your promo code and Move your fingers fast. "PB-mr2idpupa6376P"
Offer valid for 1st 100 & 2nd 100 users. Offer valid for single account & single user. Not valid for cash back. In case your transaction gets failed your promo code will remain active and also your amount will be credited to PB your wallet automatically. Coupons will be expired after first 100 transactions.
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Pay Rs.59 to get a unique Recharge Promo-code worth Rs.100, You will get recharge credit of Rs.100 for your next prepaid mobile recharge. Valid against a minimum recharge of Rs.200, balance amount needs to be paid using cc avenue payment options available on Payback bazaar, Valid for all the major operators except Airtel.This deal is not for retailers, Can be bought Once per account,Unique Recharge Promo-code will be sent to you within7 Days, Valid for 30 Days.
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