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Amazing Laptop All-in-One Accessories (16) Combo Kit

IndiaSpeaks! – Multi-language Multimedia Software
IndiaSpeaks! is an Indian language tutor software with 15 Indian languages packed in one CD-ROM.
Supports English * Hindi * Marathi * Gujarati * Tamil * Punjabi * Telugu * Kannada * Bengali * Assamese * Sindhi * Oriya * Sanskrit * Urdu * Malayalam.

It enables you to learn to speak the language you want from the language you want. The simple and smooth course structure makes you learn the basics of a language in no time. There are no complex scripts involved. You have English Roman Script and Devanagiri script for all languages plus you can hear in all languages.

Features : –

  • Unique combination of 15 Indian languages.
  • Learn languages of your choice. Learn FROM the language of your choice.
  • Exclusive focus on specific interaction topics like shopping, travel, airport, train, bus, visiting a home, office etc. Graded lessons in grammar.
  • Two script ( English Roman and Devanagiri ) support.
  • Audio support for each sentence.
  • Unique visuals for each sentence.
  • Classified multi language Dictionary with audio support for each word.
  • Attractive music specially composed for IndiaSpeaks!Accessories Included in this combo : –
  • 15 Languages Learning CD.
  • 15.6 Size Laptop Chain Sleeve.
  • Gaming CD.
  • USB Interface Scroll Mouse.
  • Gaming Pad.
  • 40 CD Pouch.
  • Folding Cooler Pad for Laptop.
  • USB Vacuum Cleaner.
  • Multi Card Reader – USB.
  • 2.0 USB Power Speaker.
  • Stereo Headphone.
  • 4 Port USB Hub.
  • Screen Cleaning.
  • Laptop Keyboard Protector.
  • Laptop Screen Guard- Screen Protector.
  • Usable Kit Bag.
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